Hot News: Season of Mist signs Archspire!

After ANCIIENTS, BEYOND CREATION, KEN MODE and NECRONOMICON, Season of Mist is proud to add another highly talented Canadian band to the roster. Welcome ARCHSPIRE! The quintet from Vancouver, BC was described as a “truly eye-popping convulsion of tech-death, with schizophrenic rhythms, astounding technical riffing and drumwork, and tiny threads of reappearing melody that stitch the songs together into cohesive wholes” by Nocleaningsinging.com.

The band issued the following statement:

“Archspire has joined the roster of Season of Mist!

“This is something that’s been in the works for a while now, and we are proud to finally be able to announce it. We have finished the material for our upcoming album and we’ll be going into Rain City Recorders to track with the awesome Stuart McKillop, the same producer who did our first album, ‘All Shall Align’.

“Writing for this album began almost two years ago, and in that time we have pushed ourselves to be better musicians, and focused more on cohesive song writing, while still maintaining the technical and progressive style that we started out with when the band formed in 2009. This is an album that we are truly proud of, and can’t wait to see released.

“We’ll be updating from the studio, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.”

Tobi Morelli – Guitar
Spencer Prewett – Drums
Dean Lamb – Guitar
Jaron Evil – Bass & Vocals
Oli Peters – Vocals

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Némethy Zsolt

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