Hot News: Sepulchral Productions sets release date for two special 7″ releases

On Légendes, four of the best-known black metal outfits from Québec join forces for a very special release on double-7″ format, limited to 500 copies! Each band contributes a brand-new track paying tribute to Québec’s legends: „Wendigo” by Forteresse, „Le Bois Des Belles” by Chasse-Galerie, „La Griffe du Diable” by Monarque, and „Murmures Nocturnes” by Csejthe. Discover these dark myths that are part of Québec’s folklore and heritage, played by bands at the top of their art! Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Légendes double-7″
Side A: Forteresse – „Wendigo”
Side B: Chasse-Galerie – „Le Bois Des Belles”
Side C: Monarque – „La Griffe du Diable”
Side D: Csejthe – „Murmures Nocturnes”

43 grams vinyl
Gatefold jacket
Printed inner sleeve
Silver Printing
Légendes A2 Poster coming with all versions
Available in:
– „Die-Hard” : gray vinyl with black splatter + Légendes patch (100 copies)
– Classic Black (400 copies)


Founded by members and ex-members of Akitsa, Blackwind, Thesyre, and Utlagr, BEAST WITHIN stand for the emanation of the true „Self,” buried deep inside each man and woman by centuries of decadence, slavery, and blindness imposed by a false moral, political, and religious elite. The band proudly wears its musical influences on its sleeves, taking cues from bands such as early Celtic Frost and Pentagram. The band’s Adversity/Servitude 7″ is limited to 500 copies. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for BEAST WITHIN’s Adversity/Servitude
Side A: „Adversity”
Side B: „Servitude”

43 grams vinyl
3mm spine jacket
Printed inner sleeve
Available in:
– „Die-Hard,” Blood-Red vinyl (100 copies)
– Milky Clear vinyl (200 copies)
– Regular Black vinyl (200 copies)

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