Hot News – Sigh: "In Somniphobia” update

In Somniphobia” is a sonic nightmare that lasts for more than an hour. The musical direction is pretty much far from that of the last two albums, „Scenes from Hell” and „Hangman’s Hymn”. It is not easy to describe its direction, but probably one can say that it is something between „Imaginary Sonicscape”, „Hail Horror Hail” and „Gallows Gallery”, or rather, simply a nightmarish version of „Imaginary Sonicscape”. Put heavy metal, classical music, jazz, Indian traditional music, Stockhausen, and Xenakis into a cauldron of hell and stir it, you’ll get „In Somniphobia”.

The first two songs are VERY heavy metal, but from the third track, it begins. Five songs are woven together, which part is named „Lucid Nightmares”. It is a pure sonic description of nightmares. This is surrealistic, ethnic, druggy, atmospheric and definitely scary! Lots of vintage gems are being used such as Minimoog, Prophet-5, Clavinet D-6, Roland RE-201 Space Echo etc. along with some ethnic instruments like Indian Sarangi, Sitar, Tampura, and Tabla. Kam Lee (ex-Massacre, Bone Gnawer etc.) and Metatron (The Meads of Asphodel) cooperated with the lyrics and the vocals for “Lucid Nightmares”.

Listen with Headphones is strictly recommended. Smoke before you try this. Bad trip guaranteed!

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