Hot News: Six Magics – Forthcoming album Falling Angels recording sessions videos

Chilean metallers Six Magics have posted, on their official YouTube channel, videos taken from the recording sessions of the forthcoming album entitled „Falling Angels” scheduled on July 2nd 2012 via Coroner Records.

Six Magics - Falling Angels

Track List
1. Another Name
2. Falling Angels
3. Rolled
4. Dreamer (B:O:M)
5. Do You Remember?
6. Sick & Tired
7. Icy Lips
8. Start Another War
9. Suicide
10. Why
11. Binsfeld
12. How To Live
13. I Know


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Hot News: Six Magics – video of the song „Falling Angels” and live video „Big Singers Tribute” available


Hot News: Six Magics – Forthcoming album details and live video of „Another Name” available


SIX MAGICS – Behind The Sorrow

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