Hot News: Skeletal Spectre – Join Pulverised Records; Preview Track Available

Pulverised Records are pleased to welcome American/Swedish doom-death befoulers SKELETAL SPECTRE to their ever-expanding roster of repugnance!

Fronted by Vanessa Nocera (Wooden Stake, Scaremaker, etc.), SKELETAL SPECTRE are a ghastly hybrid of demonacy influenced by the spirits of the undead and midnight graveyard sacrifices. The band released two full-length offerings under the Razorback Records banner and are set to unleash their third studio endeavor, Voodoo Dawn — a malicious riffscape of sonic extremity — upon unsuspecting ears later this year.

Comments Nocera of the signing: „We are proud and honored to be on Pulverised Records’ roster! Definitely a label that I find to be one of the coolest around! We put a great deal of hard work into this album so that it would stand out from anything we’ve ever done. I think it is a testament to the band’s future, and we are looking to play live, especially in Europe so watch out. We’re coming!

Adds Pulverised Records A&R Manager Calvin Chiang: „The moment we heard the beginning riff off the first track from Voodoo Dawn, it completely blew us away and somehow we already knew something filthy was brewing from within. There’s a perfect balance of those trademark Swede-eerie melodies mammoth riffs that any sludge/doom maniac would approve of. It’s always very satisfying to discover a great hidden gem in this business, and we are definitely proud to say that SKELETAL SPECTRE is one of those gems. Keep your eyes and ears peeled; the voodoo curse shall rear its ugly head soon!”

Check out teaser track „Bone Dust” from Voodoo Dawn at THIS LOCATION. Further details, including art work and release date, will be revealed in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


Vanessa Nocera – Vocals
Behold the Pentagram – Guitar/Bass
Haunting the Beyond – Drums




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SKELETAL SPECTRE – Occult Spawned Premonitions

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