Hot News: Skull Fist – New song ready

Hohoho it ´s Christmas here! We have a brand new SKULL FIST song for you entitled „Mean Street Rider„. Of course it is from the upcoming album „Chasing The Dream” which will be released on January 10th. Listening duty: https://soundcloud.com/noiseartrecords/skull_fist-mean_street_rider

And if you want to sing along, here ´s the lyrics already:

It feels alright being closer to the edge when im riding right through you and Ill stay all night when I know I must defend I must protect my only land

Mean Street Rider its the feeling that im only getting higher Mean street rider riding with desire follow me and I will take you higher

when im trapped inside with no heading for the door I can feel my power surge when Im shaking in my mind but I know I can depend Im gonna ride it till the end

You can never get me down when Speed is on my side there’s nothing else thats true Ive dreamed it all my life and ill never lose the sight Thats more than I could say for you

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