Hot News: Slave Zero Premiere ‘Mathematically Legitimate Solution’ Video on PlanetMosh!

In the build-up to the release of ‘Disambiguated Visionary’, the fifth offering from Ireland’s Slave Zero, the band have premiered the video for song ‘Mathematically Legitimate Solution’ over at PlanetMosh.

You can view the video by heading here – http://planetmosh.com/slave-zero-new-video-exclusive/

Filmed all on the one day in an old abandoned church in the city of Limerick, the video, shot by Lukasz M Czajkowski and edited by former band member Karol Kosc demonstrates the band at their best capturing their live energy and performance.

Singer Graeme V Flynn explains how the band decided upon ‘Mathematically Legitimate Solution’ for the video –

‘The song itself is about how humankind are our own worst enemy, how we decimate the earth and its natural resources for our own ends without thinking of the long term consequences for the future generations. Ultimately, this approach is not a sustainable one and I think the next few decades will demonstrate our short-sightedness. For such an intelligent species, we make a lot of very poor decisions. The best examples are some of the decisions made by the governments of the world over the years.

‘The release of both the video and the record itself is a culmination of about three years of constant work. We are looking forward to hitting the road and playing some shows to promote it.’

‘Disambiguated Visionary’ is released on 10th November on Double Standard Productions.

Track Listing
01 Mathmatically Legitimate Solution
02 Limitless Peripheral Perspective
03 Embroidered Strategy Of Calculated Misrepresent
04 Oscillating Perceptions Of An Abstract Existence
05 Anthropic Landscape Theory


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