Hot News: Slutvomit set release date for debut album on Invictus Productions

INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS announces September 30th as the international release date for SLUTVOMIT’s debut album, Swarming Darkness. A compelling mixture of all that is irreverent and utterly unholy from the entire career of Satanic, underground heavy metal, SLUTVOMIT owes its influences to all that made black and death metal truly great in the mid ’80s. Equal parts Possessed, Morbid Angel, Incubus, and Necrovore from their demo glory days, SLUTVOMIT is a hysterical bastard child of these progenitors. Hard, fast, blasphemous, SLUTVOMIT is for fans of Nifelheim, Destroyer 666, and Watain, as well as classic bands like Bathory, Morbid Angel, Possessed, and Sodom.

Tracklisting for SLUTVOMIT’s Swarming Darkness

1. Swarming Darkness
2. Downward Falling Christ
3. Lucifer Unbound
4. Eden Ablaze
5. Morbid Priest (Of Hell)
6. Bombing The Chapel
7. Poservore
8. Servants Of Satan
9. Necrovoyeur
10. Incendiary Rape
11. Harbringer Of Doom

Comments the band, „We are the knife against the infant’s throat, the semen which the virgin chokes. Alas, now the time has come to denounce the spirit, the father, and son. Call upon the prince of lies, raise your daggers to the skies, and stab into the virgin’s breast. Now raise the chalice to your lips! We are SLUTVOMIT. Fukk you.” The first track premiere off SLUTVOMIT’s Swarming Darkness shall be announced shortly.





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