Hot News – So Much For Nothing sign with My Kingdom Music!

My Kingdom Music is absolutely delighted to announce the signing of a great amazing act coming from Norway. They represent the biggest surprise for this end of 2011, they are SO MUCH FOR NOTHING and are formed by Erik Unsgaard (Sarkom) who gave life with Uruz (Urgehal) on drums and some special guests (Niklas Kvarforth from Shining, Peter Huss from Shining, Ingvild Sareeta Kaare ex Ram-Zet, Trondr Nefas from Urgehal, Seidemann from 1349, Aethyris McKay ex-Absu) to a wonderful and avantgardish Suicidal Dark Black music with Dark Rock and New Wave nuances.

Their album called “Livsgnist“, ready to be released in CD and LP format on January 19th, 2012, presents a sound that is unique, bringing in instruments as saxophone, trumpet, cello, violin and flute among others, making for sure an original work! An overall desperate and gloomy feeling mixed to the natural rage of the Black Metal is what comes out from So Much For Nothing and you wont lose a moment to be enchanted by this delirium! This is definitively an album for fans of Joyless, Shining, Den Saakaldte, Lifelover and My Dying Bride!

Inspired by general decadence over the years, So Much For Nothing serves you the finest tunes of dark and arcane Black Metal-Pop/Rock. Expect a masterpiece that will change your attitude towards this kind of sounds.

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