Hot News: Sombres Forêts premiere track from new album on GunShyAssassin.com

SOMBRES FORÊTS premiere the new track „Au Flambeau” on heavily trafficked web-portal GunShyAssassin.com. The track hails from SOMBRES FORÊTS‘ brand-new La Mort du Soleil, released last week by SEPULCHRAL PRODUCTIONS and the band’s first album in five years. SOMBRES FORÊTS‘ „Au Flambeau” can be heard in its entirety here: http://gunshyassassin.com/exclusive/sombres-forets-exclusive-song-stream-au-flambeau/

SOMBRES FORÊTS hail from the currently hot Quebecois black metal scene, which largely orbits around the band’s label home, SEPULCHRAL PRODUCTIONS. SOMBRES FORÊTS‘ third album and first since 2008’s Royaume de Glace, La Mort du Soleil sees the band take on a more atmospheric and introspective approach. By incorporating some influence from his more shoegazing Miserere Luminis solo-project, SOMBRES FORÊTS mastermind Annatar offers an album that is rich in atmosphere and textures, where dissonant and droning guitars glide into the acoustic parts and tortured vocals that have become the group’s trademark combination over the years. As illustrated by its alluring cover, a journey to dark and stormy lands awaits! That cover as well as tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for SOMBRES FORÊTS’ La Mort du Soleil
1) Des Épaves
2) Étrangleurs de Soleils
3) Brumes
4) Au Flambeau
5) L’Éther
6) La Disparition
7) Effondrement

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