Hot News: Soreption – Swedish Death Metal Horde To Unleash Engineering The Void

SundsvallSweden-based technical death metal horde, SOREPTION, is pleased to announce February 18, 2014 as the official worldwide release date of their forthcoming new full-length, Engineering The Void.

Featuring eight tracks of audio wreckage, Engineering The Void was recorded by brothers Tommy and Chris Rehn from symphonic black metal collective Angtoria at Ninetone Studios and delivers a spine-shattering ambush of surgically precise riff sequences, manic time shifts, rhythmic grooves and menacing vocals surges. Said MetalSucks of the Engineering The Void trailer video alone: „The new SOREPTION album is going to rip faces. I mean hot damn! Those riffs! The Swedes in SOREPTIONare up there with Obscura, Gorod and Psycroptic at the upper echelon of the crowded tech-death pack, no doubt. Can’t wait to headbang furiously to this one the minute it comes out!” 

Engineering The Void Track Listing:

1. Reveal The Unseen
2. The Nature Of Blight
3. Breaking The Great Narcissist
4. A Speech To Survival
5. Utopia
6. Monumental Burden
7. I Am You
8. Engineering The Void

Engineering The Void serves as the follow-up to SOREPTION‘s debut full-length, Deterioration Of Minds, an underground gem which was fittingly applauded by Underrated Reviews for its „superior sense of rhythm and razor-sharp precision that will appeal to fans of bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Dying Fetus and The Faceless.” Added Global Domination, „The tech-death phenomenon leaves no room for error or soul. It’s all about technical riffs and arrangements, not to mention the quantized-to-hell drums and cleaned up stops and gos. But if you are into this genre, it’s hardly because you want to hear soulful playing or actual human groove; no – you expect precision and impressive musicianship. And that is exactly what you get with SOREPTION.”

SOREPTION will unleash Engineering The Void to the masses this February followed by a reissue ofDeterioration Of Minds, both via Unique Leader Records. Preorder links and video clips to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

„If there was one band…which had to be picked as the representative for what tech death is turning into, this would be it…” – Ultimate Guitar 

„…this album kicked my balls hard on the first listen, completely tore them off during the second, made clam chowder soup with them on its third play-through, and threw said scolding chowder in my face during the fourth. Suffice to say, this album was quite the tasty shock.” – Metal Observer


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