Hot News: Sorrows Path live video @ Up the hammers fest (Athens, March 2)

The last SORROWS PATH show before the recordings of the new album (August-October 2012) that will be out by ROCK IT UP records (Germany, December 2012)

Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LgIghMSfK8


1) All Love is Lost (00:00)
2) The Beast (S.P.R.) (05:01)
3) Flower (11:29)
4) Black Mass (Warlord cover) (19:07)
5) Brother of Life (new song) (24:32)
6) Queen of Doom (30:25)
7) Empty Eyes and Blackened Hearts (35:51)

Up The Hammers – http://www.up-the-hammers.gr/

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