Hot News: South African Mountain Men Juggernaught Rock Continents with Bring the Meat Back

On the date of its release late last year Bring the Meat Back from South African hard rockers JUGGERNAUGHT measured as high as 4.1 on the Richter Scale in some areas of the continent’s southern half!

Bring the Meat Back is hairy, whiskey guzzlin, guitar slingin’ music, tastefully combining Classic Rock, Blues and Hard Rock into a technical, yet extremely catchy brew. Inviting comparisons to the likes of CLUTCH, South Africa’s Mountain Men make one hell of a glorious racket on their sophomore album. Loud, proud, and hirsute, JUGGERNAUGHT invites the rest of you to revel in the aftershock.

Stream Bring the Meat Back in its entirety at

A video for the album’s title track can be seen at this location.

Bad Idea
The Storm
Beef or Chicken
Back Door Woman
Bring the Meat Back
Follow the Scent of the Musky Brisket
One of them Days
Paint it Brown


As a testament to their relentless work ethic and touring schedule, South Africa’s Juggernaught has played over 300 shows since their inception, 4 years ago. Their philosophy of taking their music to anyone, anywhere, even includes, concert halls, dive bars, barbeque pits, as well as staples of the blossoming South African festival scene.

Described with affection by their loyal fan base as “Man-Rock,” Juggernaught’s demonstrates hat rock and roll was built on by performing a classic rock/ blues influenced hard rock, with a modern interpretation, whose grooves are addicting and lyrics near impossible to knock out of your head.

Their first release, 2009’s Act of Goat, was well received locally, selling out its first pressing in less than two months on the heels of the lead single, “Mountain Man.” Following the momentum of their debut, the band was invited to write and record a song with local music star, Mapuputsi, for the South African Broadcasting Channel’s highly rated, Jam Sandwhich, television show, the result of which quickly became one of the highest selling singles in the show’s history.

2012 saw the release of their second, and much anticipated album, Bring the Meat Back, which proved to be even a more mature, and ambitious step for the band leaving fans all over Southern Africa wanting more. 2013 sees the band stepping even further into new territory, as they will perform in neighboring country Botswana and Mozambique for the very first time as well as continuing to spread their music globally. The Juggernaught train is unstoppable. Get on board or get the hell out of the way!

Juggernaught is:

Herman le Roux – guitars, vocals, organs & synth
Jovan Tutunovic – guitars & vocals
Angilo Boobyman Wijnbergen – bass
Alexis Schofield – drums & percussion

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