Hot News: Stonehaven – Live Video Footage From Northwestern Black Circle Festival IV Available

Midwest black metal warriors STONEHAVEN recently returned from the The Harbingers of Ruin Tour,  a rare and special four-date trek that included two live rituals at the Northwestern Black Circle Fest IV alongside blackened tyrants Marduk, 1349, Weapon, Ceremonial Castings and more. Check out live footage from the ceremony at THIS LOCATION.

In addition, STONEHAVEN interviewed by Jimmy Cabbs of KNAC.com during the Los Angeles stop. To hear the band discuss their Kansas roots, the commercialization of black metal, their opposition to “the metal brotherhood” and more, scroll your way over HERE.

STONEHAVEN released their Concerning Old-Strife And Man-Banes full-length this Spring via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Described as a “black hearted potpourri of Icelandic saga, Norwegian ashen metal, and Swedish eddas about pagan kings forced to slurp down a nasty snake noodle at the behest of them mean old Christian 10th century evangelists,” by About.com, the offering continues to raise eyebrows throughout the underground for its uncompromisingly punishing brand of black metal menace and carefully crafted odes of wartime grimness. Blistering applauded the band for their “deft knowledge of the style and penchant for dynamic, cunning BM compositions,” Steff Metal noted, “STONEHAVEN bombard the listener with the intensity and brutality of battle,” while Music Emissions gushed over the collective’s “excellently written black metal mixed with groovy viking-metal melodies and anthems,” adding that “STONEHAVEN have crafted an epic-length record that will appeal to the ancient, pagan Norsemen in all of us.” Metal Psalter called Concerning Old-Strife and Man-Banes “a solid album that recalls some of the better early to mid-‘90s black metal while adding their own spin on the music,” while Blabbermouth hailed the record for offering up  eight songs that are “marvelously arranged, packed as they are with killer riff after killer riff and buzzing with that indefinable black metal energy, aura even, that raises an album from good to special.”


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