Hot News: Stream Ann My Guard’s debut Album “Innocence Descent” now for free

Ann My Guard, the up and coming Hungarian melodic rock/metal band, released their debut album “Innocence Descent” on Smash Fabric Records on 21st April 2014.  Produced by Hungary’s most successful and acknowledged producer Gábor Vári, the album is now available through all major streaming and download services and can be streamed in high quality from here for free:

About the Band

“Ann My Guard represent a niche in the metal genre, yet the appeal of their music reaches much further afield than Northern Europe alone.  They have a commercial and tight sound, they write their own material, they have big ambitions and they demonstrate a great deal of music business savvy through their own fan interactions.  They have enormous potential and our job as their label is to help them realise this through their international promotion and distribution.”,  Smash Fabric Records label owner Jon Berntsen says.

The Hungarian band is releasing their debut album called Innocence Descent in April 2014.  The recordings were made with the country’s well known producer Gábor Vári, who helped the band creating unique and professional material.

Ann my Guard has been playing shows since 2007, gaining a stable fan base in Hungary and all over Europe.

The band’s and the label’s aim is to promote the forthcoming album through live shows and reach a wider audience.


Innocence Descent debut album (2014)
Doll metal EP (2011)
Cinderella’s syndrome EP (2010)


Eszter Anna Baumann-Tóth: vocals and bass
Krisztián Varga: guitars
Tagscherer István: guitars
Joci Vadász: drums

Facebook page of the band

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Hot News: Hungarian melodic rock/metal band Ann my Guard release their debut Album “Innocence Descent” on Smash Fabric Records


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