Hot News: Suffering In Solitude – Post Black Metal Ensemble To Release Domestic Genocide Debut

Depressive post black metalists, SUFFERING IN SOLITUDE, will unleash their debut full-length later this month via Domestic Genocide Records. Titled A Place Apart, the 28-minute composition was recorded in several locales throughout Florida, Louisiana, California and South America and offers up six sprawling odes of grief, longing, broken promises, and mental breakdowns.

Initially lead by the teachings of Wedard, Nocturnal Depression, Sombres Forets and Managarm and later Lantlos, Altar Of Plagues and Lowcityrain, SUFFERING IN SOLITUDE was forged in 2009 by one Christopher A. Now a trio of sullen souls, together they invoke true audio melancholy through their emotionally driven ballads of hopelessness and dejection where expansive waves of distorted dreamscapes swell into manic, blast-laden bursts of torment. 

Witness the romantic sorrow of “Placed Apart,” at THIS LOCATION.

A Place Apart Track Listing:

1. Inside Out
2. Entrance
3. Exit (Time Lost)
4. Suffering in Solitude
5. Distance
6. Placed Apart


Black Moor – Bass
Danny Arancibia – Clean Guitars, Effects
Christopher A. – Guitar, Drums, Vocals

A Place Apart will rear its brooding head upon the masses on the final day of 2013.





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