Hot News: Svyatogor’s Doctor Veritas Out Now; Title Track Streaming At

Doctor Veritas, the third album from Ukraine’s Experimental Death/Black Metal act SVYATOGOR, is out now via Svarga Music. Along with melodic fragments and penetrating vocals, the solos smack of classical Heavy Metal and the saxophone gives the music Jazz and Art-rock tendencies, all of which is rooted in Black Metal. Lyrics are written in Russian, Ukrainian, English and French languages and devoted to the problems of society, preparation of human emotions, reflection on the subject of contemporary history, structure of the universe, and macrocosm. SVYATOGOR features Amorth I.M. (ex-DRUDKH, ex-ASTROFAES, UNDERDARK) and Master Alafern (QUINTESSENCE MYSTICA, TRIGLAV, THUNDERKRAFT). Doctor Veritas is officially distributed by Australis Records (Chile), Casus Belli Musica (Russia), Dead Shop (Ukraine), Fono (C.I.S.), My Kingdom Music (Italy), Rock Inc/Bertus (BeNeLux), The End Records (North America) and Code7/PlasticHead (UK & Worldwide). has posted an exclusive stream of the album’s title track at this location.

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Doctor Veritas Cover Art & Track Listing

1. Памяти мёртвых Героев [In Memory Of Fallen Heroes]
2. Word hard. Eat. Watch.
3. Манифест [The Manifesto]
4. Doctor Veritas
5. Нi вогню, нi меча… [Nor Fire, Nor Sword…]
6. AWOKE / INCOMING (Antarctic solitude)
7. Плюнуть и забыть [Spit And Forget]
8. Неизбежность [Inevitability]
9. La concupiscence [Lust]
10. Реинкарнация дум [Reincarnation Of Thoughts]

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SVYATOGOR – Doctor Veritas


Hot News: Experimental Black Metal: Svarga Music to release Svyatogor’s Doctor Veritas on May 7th


Hot News: Svyatogor… new album ready to be released soon!


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