Hot News: Swedish Folk Metallers Falconer return to glory with new album ‘Black Moon Rising’!

Swedish Folk Metal forerunners FALCONER return to glory with their new album “Black Moon Rising” to be released the 6th of June, 2014 via Metal Blade Records!

After the release of their last album “Armod” in 2011 – the first one entirely sung in Swedish and concentrating on the folk elements in the music – FALCONER return to the power and the glory of their roots.

“Black Moon Rising” – as usually recorded with Andy LaRocque – is a lot more guitar oriented, riff filled and the fastest album in the band history to date making FALCONER sound hungrier and more vital than in many years.

Comments FALCONER main composer Stefan Weinerhall: “After a 8 month complete break from music on the verge of quitting it, I finally returned with a feeling of hunger, power and commitment to the song writing. The goal we all had was to wake up, stir things up a bit and perform at our very best. And so we all did!!”

Surf over to, where you can stream the 1st single “Locust Swarm”, have a look at the cover artwork and check out the pre-order options.

‘Black Moon Rising’ tracklisting:
01. Locust Swarm
02. Halls and Chambers
03. Black Moon Rising
04. Scoundrel and the Squire
05. Wasteland
06. In Ruins
07. At the Jester’s Ball
08. There’s a Crow on the Barrow
09. Dawning of a Sombre Age
10. Age of Runes
11. The Priory

Mathias Blad: vocals
Stefan Weinerhall: guitar
Jimmy Hedlund: guitar
Magnus Linhardt: bass
Karsten Larsson: drums

FALCONER discography:
“Falconer” (2001)
“Chapters From A Vale Forlorn” (2002)
“Sceptre Of Deception” (2003)
“Grime Vs. Grandeur” (2005)
“Northwind” (2006)
“Among Beggars and Thieves” (2008)
“Armod” (2011)
“Black Moon Rising” (2014)

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