Hot News: Swedish melodic death metallers Planet Rain to release part two of their philosophical album trilogy

Since the inception in 2006, the Swedish melodic death metallers in Planet Rain have sought to redefine the genre and add to its fundamental characteristics, a new dimension of speed, heaviness and melodiousness. Planet Rain launched in 2012 an album trilogy with the self-released debut album “Antichthon”. In part two of their album trilogy, “The Fundametal Principles”Planet Rain delves even deeper into the philosophical matter of how the balance between life and death, earth and universe, and sanity and madness, is sometimes upset inspired by classical writers such as H.P. Lovecraft and others.

Planet Rain’s sophomore effort is produced by Swedish producers Teddy Möller (of Swedish prog metallers Loch Vostok) and Ronny Hemlin (of both Tad Morose andInmoria), mixed by Teddy Möller, and mastered by Darkane vocalist Lawrence Mackrory.

A brand new video “Kryptographik” from the upcoming album can be seen here:

PLANET RAIN has appeared on major festivals such as Metalcamp in Slovenia, Rockstad Falun and the Getaway Rock Festival in their native Sweden. Planet Rainalso kept busy by touring their local region in multiple tours of Sweden and the neighboring country Finland.

The band, who takes their name from Devin Townsend’s legendary album “Physicist”, have now teamed up with Danish metal specialists Mighty Music in order to release the next chapter of their philosophical journey into the world of melodic death metal.

“The Fundamental Principles” is available in stores and for stream and download May 2nd 2014!

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