Hot News: Taatsi set release date for Forever Plagued debut album

FOREVER PLAGUED RECORDS announces July 25th as the international release date for TAATSI‘sAmidst the Trees. Set to be released on CD format, Amidst the Trees marks TAATSI‘s debut album, not long after the Finns’ Season of Sacrifice demo was unleashed by FOREVER PLAGUED earlier this year. The duo of  A. and M. have both been involved within their respected black metal scenes since the mid ’90s in one form or another. TAATSI strongly feel that they must convey the old sound despite the many new forms that have imbued the genre today. The lyrics and overall theme of TAATSI deal with the majesty of nature as well as Scandinavian folklore and fairy tales, all with a deeper psychological twist: the relationship of man with the woods. The name TAATSI comes from a sacrificial stone located in northern Finland. A very refreshing sound to come from Finland in quite a while, FOREVER PLAGUED is proud to add this majestic band to its roster and are sure that many will enjoy their work just as intensely as the label does, where the past is alive! Fans of Strid and „old” Manes should find Amidst the Trees to be intense and entrancing!

Tracklisting for TAATSI’s Amidst the Trees
1. Malign Ghost Of The Woods
2. A Moonlight Journey Through The Midwinter Fores
3. Gateways Of The North
4. Beneath The Hills They Sing
5. Circle Of The Firmament
6. Funeral March Of Hintriikki Peltoniemi
7. Hunts In The Night’s Mind

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