Hot News: Tamerlan signs with Debemur Morti Productions

The first part of 2014 was bleak & heavy but it’s time for a little change.

Indeed, we’re very pleased to announce our collaboration with Russo-Serbian Artist Timur Iskandarov!

For those who never heard of TAMERLAN, its evocative music, deeply anchored in the dark medieval times, envelops the listener in a dreamy wave of spiritual sound.
We all know words are meaningless so let the music do the talking, listen to „Gemini„.

Some tracks are also available through his SoundCloud page.

The new TAMERLAN album, „Ain„, will be released through Debemur Morti Productions in the coming weeks.

Ain” is a subtle structure of magical arpeggios and mystical voices, an enigmatic acoustic work of Art perfectly composed and performed.

On this new album, Timur surrounded himself with talented guests which consist of :

Tony Wakeford (SOL INVICTUS)
Cecilia Bjärgö (ARCANASOPHIA)
Mattias Borgh (ARCANA)
Olja Frolo (LOELL DUINN)

Fans of DEAD CAN DANCE looking in the direction of a more ethereal and neoclassical style, look no further, „Ain” will carry you to otherworldly realms.

TAMERLAN, originated in 2006, as a language, life style, creative tool, or weapon (if you will) ofTimur Iskandarov, with the sole purpose of abolishing all the limitations within this world and destroying the walls which separate the reality we know, from many other realities we are driven away from.

From the first steps of exploration of the mystical and minimalistic ethereal soundscapes, to the occult folk works presented nowadays, the sole purpose of Tamerlan was connection to the forces and energies that make us the supreme beings of this world. Forces and energies we, as humans, have given up upon.

The expression of TAMERLAN was done through the albums, compilations, splits, live performances and collaborations with many like minded artists.

Throughout his life, Timur, and with him TAMERLAN, has always been on the move… Through Russia, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Turkey, and more, getting the inspiration from every moment seen and lived. This journey and spiritual/artistic evolution is something that will continue along with the new journeys and roads built ahead.

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Hot News: Tamerlan – „Ain” out now and streaming!


Hot News: Tamerlan – Album details revealed


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