Hot News: Temnein signs with Mighty Music and unveil details about debut album!

Mighty Music are proud to announce the signing of French progressive extreme metallers TEMNEIN. On January 27th 2014 TEMNEIN will be releasing their debutalbum  entitled „404 B.C.”.

TEMNEIN was formed in 2009 and are based in Nancy, France, The band’s first recording was produced by Flavien MOREL, keyboardist of Benighted Soul in December 2010, resulting in a demo of 2 tracks named “Time To Avenge”.

Thanks to this demo recording, the band received positive response in the chronicles of several French webzines, and made it possible for the band to perform around twenty gigs in north-east of France and in places such as Paris, Reims and Belgium, featuring bands like HacrideHypno5eFifteen (formerly X-Vision) and Valborg.

After a few lineup changes, the band was ready to record their first album in February 2013. The result is entitled “404 B.C.” was made at Mon Studio in Nancy in collaboration with Yann KLIMEZYK who has worked with notable French artists such as KellsMy Pollux and Pobox.


1. Slave / Master
2. Self Division
3. Tangled
4. Heart Hooks
5. Dropping Light
6. Bright Knife
7. The Realists
8. Final Encounter
9. Thirty Tyrants


Florian FRANDIDIER: Guitars and backing vocals
Julien DE GIORGIO: Bass
Yoann “Sub” SACHOT: Vocals
James CAMOZZI: Guitars
Valentin TREUILLIER: Drums

Vocalist Yoann “Sub” SACHOT explains about the album:
“404 B.C.” deals with duality that stays in various fields: love, pacifism, work, psychology, our self-perception. It’s the story of a character that develops himself in these diverse points. He has no name but could be called by any of them. He is like any of us, confronted with his moral choices, his principles and his instinct. He has to define his own notion of good and evil.
Each song is a snapshot of his life, various reborn and evolutions of his personality and his state of mind.”

The musical influences on the album are many, ranging from groovy and catchy melo-death, to old-school heavy metal with harmonized guitars, power metal-oriented choruses, but also hardcore technical and progressive parts and blast-beats – even a black metal part is present on the album. All of this tied up in a common thread that is the essence of TEMNEIN.

Surely this is an album for the metal listener that wants to be challenged, but at the same time the listener will nod recognizable and groove to the world of TEMNEIN.
Just give „Heart Hooks” from the upcoming album a listen:

Visit TEMNEIN on Facebook: www.facebook.com/temnein

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