Hot News: Temple Of Torturous announces release dates for new Melencolia Estatica and Kolp albums

Today, Swedish stronghold of darkness TEMPLE OF TORTUROUS announces the release date of two new obsidian gems: both MELENCOLIA ESTATICA‘s Hel and KOLP‘s The Outside will see worldwide release on November 12th through the label. Having already built up a formidable, shadowy reputation through the likes of Echtra, Spectral Lore, Fyrnask, EgoNoir, and IC Rex amongst others – not to mention the label’s commitment to making each release a veritable work of art – TEMPLE OF TORTUROUS’ two forthcoming CDs display different-yet-related sides to the label: KOLP stirred the depths of the darkest underground with their debut release for the label, 2010’s The Covered Pure Permanence, while MELENCOLIA ESTATICA are a new signing to TEMPLE OF TORTUROUS, having reaped critical acclaim with 2008’s Letum, released on ATMF. Respective tracklistings, as well as album covers (also attached), can be found further below.

MELENCOLIA ESTATICA is the sole vision of one Climaxia, arguably the most ambitious woman in black metal. Handling guitar, bass, vocal orchestrations, and overall concept, Climaxia has made MELENCOLIA ESTATICA one of Italy’s premiere black metal bands this past decade, and now her third and latest Hel sees her vision growing bolder and more daring. Inspired by Fritz Lang’s masterpiece Metropolis, MELENCOLIA ESTATICA’s Hel is a cruel vision of reality where hope is nothing but a shivering dream, a short moment suffocated by the greyness of factories’ background. The repetitive ticking of the clock of modernity that consumes mankind, a golden age of slavery where spirit is just a number to be forgotten: Hel marks a further step on the path of MELENCOLIA ESTATICA, a new dawn of musical decadence.

KOLP are a mysterious Hungarian horde, now solely comprising the members Knot and Jim Jones. The band’s The Covered Pure Permanence debut displayed a black metal band both traditional yet adventurous, and now KOLP’s The Outside sees them taking both traditionalism and adventurous even further. The Outside comprises eight tortured compositions that go to the deepest core, as the world shrinks – where light doesn’t exist and darkness has no meaning. In that core where only hatred lives, there’s a gateway to the Outside, to the Void: this is the sound of KOLP’s The Outside. A new promo video for stalwart The Outside track “The Void and the Silence” visually illustrates this, and can be viewed here:

full tracklisting for MELENCOLIA ESTATICA’s Hel
1. HEL I
5. HEL V

full tracklisting for KOLP’s The Outside
1. There Was No Place To Hide
2. The Initial State
3. Drowning
4. The Void And The Silence
5. The Place
6. Completion
7. Interface Has Dissolved
8. The Outside

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