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Tenhi: “Saivo” release date, album cover, and tracklist

In the cultural world of the Finnish Sami, “Saivo” is one of the realms of the dead where the departed continue their everyday life, content and in the company of their families and forebears. “Saivo” is also the title of the new album by Tenhi that will finally see its release after four years of painstaking work on November 25th, 2011.

See below the evoking cover artwork, once again painted by Tyko Saarikko. The track listing reads as follows:

1. Saivon Kimallus
2. Pojan Kiiski
3. Uloin
4. Pienet Purot
5. Sateen Soutu
6. Haaksi
7. Surunuotta
8. Savoie
9. Vuoksi
10. Paluu Joelle
11. Sees
12. Siniset Runot

Watch a video teaser for “Saivo” here. Further information on “Saivo” as well as pre-order options soon!

Dark Suns: “Orange” release date, album cover, and tracklist

In the year 2011 the musical direction of proggers Dark Suns is clearly rock! “Orange” is a mature and captivating album that bristles with a youthful élan and, for all its reverence for the classical roots, does not forget the meaning of the word ‘progressive’: once more, this album marks an important musical evolution – not just for Dark Suns, but also for the rock genre in general. “Orange” will be released on November 25th, 2011.

See below the cover artwork and track listing of “Orange“.

1. Toy
2. Eight Quiet Minutes
3. Elephant
4. Diamond
5. Not Enough Fingers
6. Ghost
7. That Is Why They All Hate You in Hell
8. Vespertine
9. Scaleman
10. Antipole

Listen to an audio teaser for “Orangehere. Further information on “Orange” as well as pre-order options soon!

Nucleus Torn: “Golden Age” release date, album cover, and tracklist

It is a mere twelve months since Nucleus Torn‘s ambitious trilogy consisting of “Nihil” (2006), “Knell” (2008), and “Andromeda Awaiting” (2011) was finished, and now the Swiss ensemble already presents its fourth full-length album, “Golden Age.”
More than any of Nucleus Torn‘s previous works “Golden Age” looks back to 1970’s Progressive Rock, paying homage to masters of the form such as King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, and Änglagard. Still, it also contains the broadest stylistic diversity you have ever heard on an album by Nucleus Torn. “Golden Age” will be out on November 25th, 2011.

Below you can see the cover artwork of the album and of course we won’t hide the track list from you:

1. Golden Age
2. Hunger
3. Silver
4. Against
5. Ash
6. Death Triumphant

Further information on “Golden Age” as well as pre-order options soon!

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