Hot News: The Experiment No.Q unveil new song music video „Labyrinths”

The Experiment No. Q, a musical project written and directed by the musician/comedian/scenograph Paolo Vallerga (featuring Therion band members) released their first official Video „Labyrinths”.

The Experiment draws together musicians from all over the world, combining a diverse range of styles, musical backgrounds and personalities to create a meeting of creative worlds… the one common point: No.Q.

A Rock album that combines the power of metal with the beauty of poetic atmosphere, the Experiment No. Q fuses together the energies of each musician involved to create a unique and theatrical new world. A realm where musicians are the characters and music tells the story as we weave our way through a metal-infused dimension of leather, poetry and sensuality… amidst a cloud of steam-punk dust!

THE EXPERIMENT NO. Q – Tracklisting

01. Enter Number Q (0.57)
02. To The Wise And Understanding Reader (5.02)
03. Unpainted Leaves (6.00)
04. Romantiquesque (4.40)
05. The Dream Of The Whales (4.50)
06. The Ship And The Poet (4.35)
07. The Black Horizon Of The Monodist (5.13)
08. Labyrinths (5.28)
09. The Testament Of Cremer (9.56)
10. Il Comandante (5.20) Bonus Track



For further information take a look at: www.numberq.net

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