Hot News: The melodic metal band Meridian are ready with their first full-length album.

After eight years, two EPs and an album that had to be recorded twice, the Danish melodic metal band MERIDIAN is finally ready to release their debut album „Metallurgy” which will be released by Mighty Music December 9th 2013.

MERIDIAN plays heavy metal. Good old-fashioned „no bullshit” heavy metal! Loud and fast. Heavy and energetic. And always focusing on the melody – both in harmonic guitar themes and in the clean and bright vocals.
With an age range spanning over two decades, MERIDIAN is a band based on past virtues, but without resorting to pure nostalgia, also uses modern expression in both style and sound.

Klaus Agerbo (drums) and Peter Bruun (bass) founded the band in the port town Esbjerg, Denmark, in 2005. Lars Märker (vocals) jumped aboard the following year and Steffan Pedersen (guitar) in 2009.

Metallurgy” has under way for a long time, and the process has at times been a hard struggle. In the spring of 2010, five new songs were ready for recording in the bands own demo studio. The riffs kept coming and the ideas were quickly and easily developed into finished tracks. This resulted after short time in a full album.
The band had a strong faith in the material and went straight ahead into recording and producing the album themselves. In April 2011, the recording was finished, but instead of quickly sending the album into circulation, the band took a step back and listened carefully for a while. The conclusion came quickly and everyone agreed: „It sounds good … but it doesn’t sound great!”

Release: December 9th 2013

01. Introminator
02. Between Love And Hate
03. Narrowmind
04. Human Price
05. Frozen In Time
06. The Machine
07. Red Horizon
08. Seeking Immortal Life
09. Only The Strong
10. My Enemy

Peter Bruun (bass)
Steffan Pedersen (guitars)
Lars Märker (vocals)
Klaus Agerbo (drums)
Martin J. Andersen (guitars)

They felt that the songs deserved a better fate and started all over again. That decision caused a line-up change and with the new guitarist Martin J. Andersen on board, MERIDIAN started cooperating with the acclaimed producer Christian Bonde in CB studios (Dawn Of Demise, The Cleansing, Siamese Fighting Fish). The album was then mastered by Jacob Hansen (Mercenary, Hatesphere, Volbeat, etc.) and finally in 2013, „Metallurgy” was finished for the second time – now with a sound that matched the quality of the material.

See the first single from the upcoming album here:


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