Hot News: The Reticent Announces New Members, Free EP and New Full-Length

A lot is brewing in the world of THE RETICENT, including new members added to the live line-up, a free EP and the next full-length. Details can be found below.

Recently, THE RETICENT recruited former ORACLEguitarist Robert Kerns as the new resident lead guitarist. This has allowed the band to return to the stage and begin playing some select live dates. Show updates can be found at the band’s Facebook Page.

Fans of the band were quite excited to hear from mastermind Chris Hathcock that there are not one but two albums in the works this year. The first is an EP of unique interpretations of some yet to be disclosed cover songs. The EP will be titled Artifice and will be made available for free  via download through the Heaven & Hell Records’ website for a limited time. Said Hathcock, „I wanted to do something where I could explore some lesser known songs I enjoy and take some more well known songs and rearrange them. I’m not at all interested in covering bands that The Reticent is already compared to nor covering anything that is already in the ‘progressive’ sphere. It’s far more interesting to step away from expectation and explore, in my opinion. I think a lot of people will be surprised by some of the tracks on the album and hopefully they won’t be too awful to listen to.”

Artifice will be recorded this Spring with a late Spring or early Summer release.

Hathcock also gave a lot of insight into the anxiously awaited fourth full-length follow-up to the well-received Le Temps Detruit Tout„In many ways this will be the angriest The Reticent has ever sounded and in some ways the most sorrowful. A better way to put it is that it will be the most honest and exposed I’ve ever been.”

The album, titled Chronology Of My Disgrace, is set to be a concept album in which every song revolves around a single narrative which is aimed to give the listener a ride along a very revealing and personal journey. Due to the amount of material to complete this vision, the release may very well end up as a double-length CD.

When asked about the album, Hathcock said, „It is the next step in the evolution of this band. That’s not to say it will be great but it will be different. It will be much heavier than the last album while also being more honest and sorrowful. Elements of jazz and experimental music will be there right along with elements of death metal, prog rock, etc. So hopefully it will be if nothing else a dynamic listen. But don’t listen to me, artists are terrible judges of their own work.” Hathcock plans to head to the studio to begin work on Chronology Of My Disgrace this summer with a release next winter.

Earlier this year, Hathcock received fan submitted questions about his influences, recording process, among many other topics. His answers were posted via a series ofYouTube videos, part one is linked below.

Hathcock commented, „Some long-winded answers at way too late an hour from your least favorite mediocre musician. All the questions were collected via Facebook and are reproduced verbatim. If your question did not get answered, don’t worry. Due to the amount, the interview was broken into a few parts. Thanks to everyone that helped in this.” 

THE RETICENT Fan Q & A Part 1 – www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ln_VxFB1H2Q



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