Hot News: The Reticent – Releases Video For “With Folded Arms”

Charlotte, NC progressive metal act THE RETICENT has released a video for the track “With Folded Arms” taken from Le Temps Detruit Tout, which was released in May of this year on Heaven and Hell Records.

The song and video both serve as a tribute to the life and work of noted contrarian and self-described antitheist Christopher Hitchens, whose career of critique, debate, and authorship spanned four decades. THE RETICENT mastermind Chris Hathcock had the following to say about Hitchens and the video made in his honor.

“I found in Christopher Hitchens much the same inspiration I have found in many of my favorite musicians and composers.  Hearing him speak or reading his work always stirred me and captivated me.  And it is not necessarily the case that he informed my worldview as much as he lead me to my deep love of debate and open discourse of ideas.  With my last album, and particularly with the song specifically dedicated to him (“With Folded Arms”), I wanted to pay tribute and give my honorarium.  While most tribute songs are about the person or their life or the impact that person had on their life, I didn’t want to go down that road.  I’m just a nobody, who cares how Hitch affected me?  I wanted my song to be perhaps an interpretation of him via ideas.  Arguments and critique.  Which does not rob the song of emotion in my opinion.  To the contrary, I feel it is infused with even more because I am discussing ideas that are bigger than me rather than my own experiences as I have done in the past.  Though I know it falls short by a mile of Christopher Hitchens’ genius, I still wanted to say goodbye in my own way.”

The video for “With Folded Arms” has been posted at this location.

On May 29th  Heaven and Hell Records released the follow-up to THE RETICENT‘s 2008 album Amor Mortem Mei Erit. As multi-instrumentalist, composer, and sole member behind THE RETICENT, Chris “Mordrid” Hathcock has created yet another beautifully conceived opus in Le Temps Detruit Tout. It is one that delves further into the progressive mind and soul of THE RETICENT; an intelligently crafted album that will certainly challenge the listener both intellectually and emotionally. Hathcock has gone beyond the current boundaries of progressive metal and delivered what is sure to become a classic of the genre.


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