Hot News: The return of Apolokia, Italy’s most hateful and elitistic Black Metal band ever forged since 1994

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2012. okt 5, 18:33 :

APOLOKIA, Italy’s most controversial, nihilist and hateful Black Metal band, return with their inhuman icecold and satanic form of art with the release of the long awaited debut album “Kathaarian Vortex”.
The album represents a compendium mix of early first wave and second wave Black Metal with a 1992 Black Metal sound production, icecold and razor sharp guitar sound, inhuman cryptic and mystic vocals, ultrafast and violent drums everything overwhelmed by an outstanding, inhuman, evil geniality based on the original APOLOKIA trademark that is the true evolution of the pure Black Metal spirit, sound and attitude without any compromise in ideologies and musical expression.
An exclusive album for the followers of the cult, for those who are nowadays disappointed by the ridicolus and politically correct music that the mass wrongly labels Black Metal.
“Kathaarian Vortex” is the proof that the pure Black Metal still exists, entirely composed by inhuman artists like APOLOKIA are.

“Kathaarian Vortex” will be released in CD/LP/tape format on February 11st, 2013
Find here the cover artwork and the final tracklist:

1. Consolamentum
2. Post Kristus Daemonolatry
3. In Figuram Baphometis
4. Order of the Nine
5. Malignant Asphyxiation
6. Kathaarian Vortex
7. Signum Satani
8. Coil of Nihilism
9. Pure Imperial Darkness MMXII

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