Hot News – The Rotted release 'Apathy In The UK' single

UK D-beat Death Metallers The Rotted have released a digital single for ‘Apathy In The UK‘ which also features a bonus Motorhead cover.

Apathy In The UK‘ is a stand alone track on the new album and different from what we’ve done before. We chose it as the single because it is a FUCK YOU to all the scencesters, youtube warriors, corporate venues and illegal downloaders that having been ruining metal for the last few years. The music is a brutal and catchy piece of old school UK Grind and the the lyrics talk about what makes Metal great! The gigs and festivals, DIY fanzines, good bands, decent venues and we even reference some ’90s London Metal clubs like ‘Braindead’ and ‘The Devils Church’. The places that Dissection, At The Gates, Anathema, Cradle Of Filth, Primordial, Akercocke and Bal Sagoth played some of their first UK shows and where we as musicians first cut our teeth.

Ben‘s lyrics say it better than I can… “Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash or Punk, Hardcore, Grindcore, Doom or Sludge, To us it was one, DIY was law, It was the underground, And we supported it proud!”

In an ideal world we would have loved to release this on coloured vinyl, or limited edition gatefold sleeve or flexi disc but sadly those days are gone. Our label did that thing where they hold their hand in the air and rub their thumb against their index and middle finger, which we’ve been told is management speak for “too expensive”. So its gonna be digital only, but there is exclusive artwork to download and not only do you get the cost of the single knocked off the album when its released you also get our cover of Motorhead’s ‘Iron Fist’ (taken from the Anarchogram EP) for free too!

Apathy In the UK‘ is a call to arms, it’s for everyone out there that wants to keep Metal alive! Get off Youtubby, Faceache and Myspazz. Go to a gig, have a beer with the bands, start a fanzine, pick up a guitar and write the heaviest riff anyone has ever heard, buy a CD or piece of Vinyl and support the artists and most importantly wear your metal shirt with pride or get the fuck out of the metal scene!

Buy ‘Apathy In The UK’ on itunes

The Rotted Website

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