Hot News: The Ruins Of Beverast – Fourth LP From Elite Black Metal Sorcerer Now Playing At Decibel

Blood Vaults — The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer (Cryptae Sanguinum — Evangelium Flagrans Henrici Institoris), the fourth LP from German enigma THE RUINS OF BEVERAST, is now playing in its entirety as the brilliant album sees its conquering delivery this week via Ván Records.

Celebrating the ten-year mark since THE RUINS OF BEVERAST was founded, and following a four-year wait between LPs, Blood Vaults… is undeniably one of the year’s most awe-inspiring creations associated with the extreme metal underworld. The record flows and rages with nearly an hour and twenty minutes of grandiose, dominating black metal infused with unforgiving doom metal overtones, cryptic soundscapes and passages, brilliant organ-enshrouded orchestration, choral arrangements and some of the finest blasting percussion one can track down anywhere; the signature attack of THE RUINS OF BEVERAST. As always, every element of the new album’s precision percussion, axemanship and synth-laden atmospheres over its nine winding movements was fully conceived and executed by Meilenwald, the devastating drummer and one of the chief songwriters for now defunct legion Nagelfar, in addition to drummer for Truppensturm, Verdunkeln and more. The LP’s striking cover art by Axell Hermann (Asphynx, Grave, Samael, Sodom) boldly portrays the religious depravity and brilliant decay of the album’s lyrical tone.

Go experience the album for yourself, as Decibel Magazine streams Blood Vaults… in its entirety, AT THIS LOCATION. 

Blood Vaults — The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer (Cryptae Sanguinum — Evangelium Flagrans Henrici Institoris is available now via CD digibook, gatefold 2xLP, a lavish 2xLP pressing and digital once again through the act’s direct cooperation with the cult label Ván Records (Nagelfar, The Devil’s Blood, Urfaust, Year of the Goat) as with the three previous TROB LP’s.

„…Blood Vaults… is one of haunting images, surreal atmospheres, and eerie themes fit for a Lovecraft novel or a real-life movie about the horrors and atrocities of the Church. Von Meilenwald’s creativity knows no bounds on Blood Vaults… It’s clear The Ruins of Beverast lead-priest has no affinity for the Church or its teachings.” – Decibel 

„Meilenwald puts everything he has into each song, and the listener is glued in as a result… Blood Vaults… signifies yet another reason why The Ruins of Beverast have been a premier black metal group for years. 4.5/5” – About.com 

„Choked with mouldering death and foul black vomit, the song both flagellates and intimidates its rapt listener. A measured interval of keys float regally above the mire before coagulating back into the polluted black, death, and doom amalgam from whence it came.” – Pitchfork 

„Kurzes Fazit: ein Meisterwerk! 10/10” – Bleeding4Metal 

„The Ruins of Beverast is one of the most fascinating bands to ever break the surface of the underground, and there’s no telling where Alexander von Meilenwald will go from here… prepare yourselves to become further obsessed with, and possessed by one of the most amazing, and most beautiful minds the world of music has ever known. 9/10” – Last Rites 

„…Alex Von Meilenwald has done it yet again, proving once more his sheer genius as both a composer and a lyricist. Reviewers should always maintain a sense of objectivity in the music they cover, but we also need to recognize raw talent when it smacks us in the face, and Blood Vaults is, quite simply, a wrecking ball. This will very likely go down as the black metal album of 2013… 9.5/10” – MetalStorm 

„Blood Vaults ist ein Monument morbiden und düsteren Metals par excellence. Großartig!” – Hateful Metal


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Hot News: The Ruins Of Beverast – Fourth LP From Enigmatic German Black Metal Entity To See Release; New Single Unveiled Via Pitchfork


THE RUINS OF BEVERAST – Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite


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