Hot News – The Vladimirs’s streaming entire “The Late Hours” album on AMP’s website!

Today – and for the next two weeks – THE VLADIMIRS will be streaming their entire The Late Hours album on AMP magazine’s website. The link can be found here:


Released this past November thru HELLS HEADBANGERS, THE VLADIMIRS’ The Late Hours has taken everyone by surprise considering their label’s repetoire of filthy black/death metal, and the buzz about the record continues to grow. Aptly named by AMP as “one of America’s last great horror-punk bands,” THE VLADIMIRS are 16-year veterans of their chosen niche, long before bands like AFI signed to major labels, and their wealth of experience shows across The Late Hours, as the following critical acclaim is testament to:

•“A different yet no less enjoyable shade of black…Solid all around” – Rue Morgue [4/5 rating]
•“A very strong dose of DANZIG and TSOL” – Zero Tolerance
•“Another hard-rocking screamer just in time for the best (and darkest) Halloween parties. While comparisons to THE MISFITS are inevitable, the songs are closer to SAMHAIN, with guitar solos and manic shrieks that are more dirty longhair, less spiky mohawk…a ton of gore-dripping graveyard fun” – SLUG
•“A rollicking trippy borderland between horror-punk and gothic rock, which makes it all delectably consumable…Without losing a catchy angle for a single moment, The Vladimirs navigate through a dozen cuts ranging from punky B-horror low-budget movie soundtrack to a dirty sleaze-rock to gothic realm but with a more definitive gritty angle” – MetalReviews.com [8.1/10 rating, “Surprise of the Month”]
•“Their songs have an adjuring effect on me, and I’ve been listening to The Late Hours about three times a day now for the past two weeks. Unlike any other horror-punk bands (THE MISFITS, SAMHAIN, THE OTHER) these guys don’t have an image (which probably is their image), so it’s the music that counts. On account of Hells Headbangers, The Vladimirs could have their breakthrough” – Lordsofmetal.nl [8.5/10 rating]
•“Like a Doc Marten-wearing zombie on speed, Vladimirs kick their way through snappy track after track…Fans of GREEN DAY, take note – this is catchy punk without the corporate commercial whoring. Buy it!” – MetalTeamUK.net
•“Pretty damn good. A ton of MISFITS influences and some others seep into the raucous mix for a potent dose of rockin’ schlock…The vocals bring to mind a brooding union of THE FIELDS OF NEPHILIM and GLENN DANZIG…Despite it not being a ‘metal’ album, Hells Headbangers hit a homerun with the new Vladimirs album. If you are a fan of horror-punk and hate the cheese of bands like AFI, then Vladimirs will set your ghoulish soul afire” – Nocturnalcult.com
•“An original style which hearkens back to DANZIG-era MISFITS, with some metal creeping in on the side and a curveball ending. The band have old-school credentials, having kicked off during the second horror-punk wave back in the mid ‘90s, but it still sounds just as fresh 20 years on…MISFITS and SAMHAIN lovers would do well to check this out, along with anyone who has a taste for the more gothic punk style. The Vladimirs are back with a bang, and prove that punk, or at least horror-punk, is not dead” – Metalrecusants.com

AMP magazine is one of the longest-running punk/hardcore publications, not to mention currently the biggest. AMP + THE VLADIMIRS = a perfect fit, we must say. In the meantime, journey through The Late Hours with THE VLADIMIRS!


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