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There have been few, if any, bands that have come together with a common purpose beyond that of the music they make and who have ardently stuck to that purpose, thus transcending the vagaries of the often-soulless music business to become a genuine force for change. The Way Of Purity are one such band who use music and the promotion that comes with it as a means of disseminating information about the various and many crimes of humanity against the natural world. The unfortunate flip side of using music in such a way is that the message, which to the band is all-important, can become lost, mis-understood or (perhaps worse still) mis-represented.

As the band prepare their new opus they wish to release the following statement regarding their purpose and mission which is of vital importance to those who follow and understand the band:

“The Way Of Purity are a group of people who have come together with the common goal of taking action. Animal’s liberation from the anthropocentric lie is the push that made us move and we have taken the step of forming a music project with the specific purpose of spreading this message.

We will always stay away from the “fame”, the scene and the music business since we will return back in darkness one day.

This is the reason why a lot of people out there don’t support us or change their minds in the same moment they understand that we are extreme, incorrect and maybe violent in real life…We are not that “band” they would like us to be, we are not clean and nice like all “musicians” out there: we said that since the beginning. 

We are just working to destroy humanity’s worse disease, that is called “specism”, as we consider it equal to Nazism. 

Everyone in The Way Of Purity will follow this path because music is just a possibility for us. Too much attention on the band and not enough on the reason could make “EQUATE” our last album; on the other hand, if you all understand what we are trying to say you will keep us alive as a music project. 

Most of the people compromise, some don’t. 

Talk to you again with the first song, album cover, tracklist. Till then, fight with us.

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