Hot News: Toad – Arizona Metallers Issue Tour Recap; Band Prepare Forthcoming EP

Arizona metal militia TOAD has returned to its homeland of Phoenix after a two-week migration through the Rocky Mountains and across the southern United States. To say TOAD‘s journey was a success would be an understatement. Old friends were revisited, new allies were formed, and TOAD‘s rotten gospel was delivered on a nightly basis to receptive congregations. Upon their return to the desert, TOAD immediately delved back into the writing process in preparation for the next album. TOAD‘s new music is an expansion and improvement upon the themes prevalent in last year’s Rotten Tide, which continues to reap critical acclaim from critics and fans alike. These latest songs are the results of a more mature, driven, and aggressive band. Once the record is finished, TOAD plans on continuing its Eastern expansion to the Atlantic coast, and beyond. Take Over And Destroy.

In the meantime, check out live footage from the band’s stop in Fayetteville, Arkansas last month at THIS LOCATION.

A maniacal six-piece, TOAD formed in 2008 and has rapidly evolved into a complex entity. TOAD‘s sound is hardly definable but rather a divine amalgamation of and elaboration upon all things heavy within the last four decades of rock music. Though obviously influenced by the Scandinavian death and black metal movements of the 1990s, the band ensures that every song pulsates with the groove established by metal’s forefathers – bands like Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. With the addition of former Slut Sister and Drone Throne guitarist Alex Bank Rollins, and the replacement of original guitarist Danny Labarbera by former Queen Beast member Nate Garrett, the band has solidified a group that is road-ready and unstoppable in both its creative output and self-promotion. Rounding out the lineup are original members Andy Leemont on vocals, Shane Taylor on drums, Trey Edwin on bass, and Pete Porter on organ. TOAD strive to be at the forefront of the progression of the genre.


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