Hot News: Toad – Blackened Death Sorcerers Stream “Boundaries Of Flesh” At Cvlt Nation

With the unleashing of their Endless Night LP just days away, the blackened death sorcerers in TOAD offer up a stream of  fourth track “Boundaries of Flesh” via Cvlt Nation.

Comments the band of the deviant tune: “This was the last song written for Endless Night. It was surreal to know we had neared the end of our vision, so this tune is definitely special for us. Those of you with a keen ear and familiarity with the scores of John Carpenter may pick up on some parallels. As with every song on the album, this song is an unpredictable journey. Enjoy.”

Adds Cvlt Nation: “‘Boundaries of Flesh’ snaps with tight rhythms and a head-nodding beat that’s difficult to forget after your first listen. Heady sections of stripped back and echoing vocal lines gives the whole track a different and intriguing mood that calls to mind extreme doom-sensibilities and lends a deeply effective ‘70s B-Movie soundtrack quality to the song before the title track lurches into being with slow, weighty and dastardly destructive proportions. The song swirls with extended motions of climbing guitar wails and gruff vocal bellows that grind with a distinct resonance and the hurtling speed of the closing seconds is enough to raise the dead themselves. Excellent fun indeed.” 

Give it a listen at THIS LOCATION.

Set for release on June 25, 2013, Endless Night delivers five cold, cavernous, wildly memorable anthems made of blood, tears, chaos and skepticism. Said Pitchfork upon first listen, “TOAD stick close to their dual strengths, dishing out sludgy doom and bludgeoning black metal in near-equal measure. There’s a strong groove coursing within their veins, though, and they’re not afraid to dial down the brutality in favor of a rollicking beat and a strong element of horror, underlined by Pete Porter’s moody organ playing.” Adds Tighttothenail.com, “…imagine if you took a pinch of Ghost’s organ-infused occult melody, a twist of Burning Love’s charred HC’n’Roll and a few slices of traditional black metal and you’ll arrive somewhere near TOAD. And you’ll have a fascinating stew indeed.” 

Endless Night was captured by returning producer/engineer Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Recording in Mesa, Arizona, who worked with the band previously on their mammoth Rotten Tide EP, and offers up a strikingly grim cover by Sean R. Williams (Animetalphysical).

Preorder Endless Night, which comes in 180 gram vinyl with a gatefold layout at THIS LOCATION (Preorders come accompanied by various exclusive pieces of TOAD propaganda.).


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