Hot News – Tobias leaves The Prophecy 23

Heavy shock in the basement of THE PROPHECY 23! Read this:

Hey friends out there – After 5 wicked years and a fantastic summer with The Prophecy 23 I decided to knock of playing the bass guitar and to leave the band. For me it was a quite hard but necessary decision. Recently it wasn`t possible for me to summon up the energy and the passion The Prophecy 23 deserves, anymore.

I want to thank everyone who accompanied me on my way with The Prophecy 23, especially the Brutal-Thrash-Maniacs Hannes, Dennis and Flo for a wicked and crazy time, kickass gigs and all the partying. Thanks to the roadcrew, the merch ladies, Massacre Records and last but not least our fantastic, supportive fans.

Certainly I will play the upcoming gigs with the band until a new bass player and singer is found. There will be a last farewell concert soon. I hope to see you guys there to have some drinks together.
Stay brutal!

The band regrets but respects his decision! The recent years were great and successful for THE PROPHECY 23 and Tobias has contributed a decisive part through his personality, his bass playing and his incredibly rough growls.

We had a great time as bandmates and will continue to have a killer time as buddies and friends while grillin’, boozin’ and hangin’ around. And as BRUTAL THRASH MANIACS!

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