Hot News: Tortorum stream new album on „Terrorizer” magazine’s website

Black metal cult TORTORUM stream the entirety of their brand-new album, Katabasis – released last week by W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS internationally – on Terrorizer magazine’s website. Following on from their celebrated Extinctionist debut, TORTORUM waste little time in upping the ante for inventive, widescreen black metal orthodoxy with Katabasis. The pan-international trio’s second album, Katabasis is unremittingly dark yet colored with shades of texture generally beyond the purest-of-the-pure hordes: TORTORUM strike deep into the burning heart of black metal whilst exhibiting dazzling ‘n’ daring compositional prowess. Each song is an epic in its own right, and a cursory scan of the album’s song titles – „In Nameless NonBeing,” „Into the Sixth Coil,” and penultimate closer „Beyond The Earth And Air And Sun – reveal that the band’s lyricism is as deadly committed to transcendence as their multi-hued music. The black sun rises, and it shines upon TORTORUM… Hear the first fruits of evil for yourself exclusively HERE, courtesy of the UK’s longest-running extreme metal magazine.


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