Hot News: Turbocharged announces „Horns Over Europe” Tour!

Turbocharged, Swedish Heavy/Thrash Metal band on Chaos Records, has announced the „Horns Over Europe” tour. The band will spread its infectious music over the continent on the following dates –

14.02 Florence (Italy)
15.02 Parma (Italy)
16.02 Osjiek (Croatia)
17.02 Beograd (Serbia)
18.02 Sofia (Bulgaria)
19.02 Varna (Bulgaria)
20.02 Bucarest (Romania)
21.02 Szeged (Hungary)
22.02 Sibiu (Romania)
23.02 Cluj Napoca (Romania)
24.02 day off
25.02 need help for show
26.02 need help for show
27.02 TBA
28.02 Torino (Italy)
01.03 Bologna (Italy)

In the band’s own words, „Support or Die!

Watch the unique video with nodding gas masks over here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78-JdzoOlOU

Chaos Records from Mexico has released the band’s discography on CD, the full length album ‘AntiXtian’, the EP ‘Christ Zero’ and the latest and acclaimed ‘Area 666’ full length released just last year. The band adds renewed vigour and style to this form of music and compels you to throw your horns up indeed.

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Turbocharged interjú


TURBOCHARGED – Alpha Beast, Omega God


TURBOCHARGED – 7300 Days in Sodom (20:th Anniversary)


TURBOCHARGED – Above Lords, Below Earth


TURBOCHARGED – Apocalyptic


Hot News: Turbocharged’s Christ Zero Out Now


Hot News: Chaos Records to Release Turbocharged’s „Christ Zero” September 2nd


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