Hot News: Twin Peak Records release Scarvest

SYMBOLIC, a perfect representation of all that these crazy germans strive for with their song writing. Unique, Progressive, Melodic, Technical Death Metal. Taking cues from their unsungs heroes including (but sure as hell not limited to) : Death, Illdisposed, Darkane & Necrophagist. Take those 4 bands, throw their styles into a blender, poured out, moulded and sprinkled with some German melodic flavour – only then will you get a little clue of the direction of Symbolic´s sound. Having previously performed at many live concerts and festivals all through europe, the band´s slogan is „plug´n´play” can only be described as „authentic”, „stirring” & „dynamic.”

Their debut came in the form of 2006 release ENIGMA, a wholely independent release which got positive reviews in many diverse magazines all through western europe. Having suffered the interim line-up problems between albums until the remaining 2 members pushed on to release their second album SCARVEST (2011). Achieving the following list of stellar reviews :

– Legacy Mag [GER], 11/15
– Pavillon666 [FR], 8.5/10
– Brutalism [NL], 5/5
– Bleeding4Metal [GER], 8.5/10
– Metalmirror [GER], 8/10
– Metalglory [GER], 7.5/10
– Medazzarock [CH], 4/5

As an introduction to the band’s limitless capabilities, TWIN PEAK RECORDS are proud to announce the re-release of Symbolic’s thesis on progressive death metal and its name is SCARVEST.

Pick up your copy at all digital stores worldwide as of the 30th of August.

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