Hot News: Twinspirits’ Daniele Liverani to Embark on Solo Adventure

Perhaps better known as the keyboardist and musical mastermind behind Twinspirits, Genius Rock Opera, Cosmics and Khymera; the multi-talented Daniele Liverani is also a guitarist of considerable skill as his new instrumental album “Eleven Mysteries” will testify on 20th July 2012 (Lion Music).

While “Eleven Mysteries” is basically a guitar oriented album, the overall vibe of all the songs is definitely more like a “conceptual instrumental album” where guitar has the role of a “virtual singer”.

Musically there’s some intense shred, but also some very melodic moments, and the musicianship and arrangements of the talented line up involved helped to create a wide variety of atmospheres and different musical moments; due to the skills and different influences of the various musicians – drummer Paco Barilla’, bassist Tony Dickinson and keyboardist Marco Zago.

However, this not only an album for guitar lovers, but for anyone that appreciates musical composition on a more general level with lots to discover in and each and every track along with a first class production.


Eleven Mysteries Track Listing

01. Mysterious Impulse
02. Inspiration
03. Nervous Forces
04. Supreme Gladness
05. All Is Pure
06. Giving
07. Humiliation
08. Regeneration
09. Freedom
10. Survive
11. Eternal

Coming soon

Full album information and live performance video from Daniele Liverani.

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