Hot News: Unsouled Signs with Art Gates Records and Announce Details Of Their New Album!

We have the pleasure to announce contemporary thrash metal act Unsouled as the latest addition to the rooster of Art Gates Records.

This powerful four pieced combo was formed in the mid 2000’s. Characterized by a different concept; escaping from cliches, breaking tags, expressions and sounds listened thousand times in clonal bands.

Unsouled has performed in many different locations, such as Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Belgium, sharing stage with scene top bands such as Helloween, Guano Apes, Twisted Sister, Overkill, Rhapsody, etc.

Unsouled’s live shows always get an amazing connection with the crowd, receiving outstanding reviews and opinions in every stage the band performs.

The new album of the band is entitled „Evolve” and it consists in their most ambitious work to date.

The artwork has been designed by well known spanish artist Juanjo Castellano.

„Evolve” tracklist contains the following tracks:

1. Built-in Obsolescence
2. Melting People
3. 0day
4. alieNNation
5. Galapagos
6. Timing Station
7. Tracert
8. Unmechanize the complex
9. Don’t cross the border
10. Autumn behind the glass

Recorded in Sandman’s Studios in Madrid (Spain) by Carlos Santos and Norman Bates, the mastering process was entrusted to Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios from Finland.

This album means many steps forward for the band’s sound evolution, finding a new state in its personality

Spanish Release Date: 05/06/13
Europe & Worldwide: End of June 2013

More info on: www.artgatesrecords.com and the networks of the band:

Website Oficial
Facebook Oficial
Twitter Oficial

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