Hot News: Vassafor premiere new track at Pitchfork, set release date for split LP with Sinistrous Diabolus

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2014. máj 10, 22:00 :


Today, mind-bending black/death cult VASSAFOR premiere the new track “Son of the Moon” at heavily trafficked tastemakers The track – a cover of Greek black metal legends Varathron, which can be heard exclusively HERE  hails from the band’s forthcoming split vinyl LP with SINISTROUS DIABOLUS, set for international release on June 16th via IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS. Perhaps the pinnacle of abyssal New Zealand darkness, VASSAFOR and SINISTROUS DIABOLUS join together for a special split LP, with VASSAFOR offering two double-digit tracks of perpetually pulsing/slithering churn ‘n’ spurn – their sepulchral black/death metal verily the sound of a slow descent into Hell, much as their celebrated debut double-album Obsidian Codexaccomplished – while on their side of the split, SINISTROUS DIABOLUS pick up where their hotly tipped debut LP,Total Doom/ /Desecration, left off: a 20-minute monolith that builds from absolutely desolate doom-death into a teeth-gnashing surge of hypnotic bestiality. Perfectly paired, VASSAFOR and SINISTROUS DIABOLUS offer two unique paths into the eldritch depths.

A1. Vassafor – Ossuary in Darkness
A2. Vassafor – Son of the Moon
B1. Sinistrous Diabolus – Aeon Tenebris – Aeo Lacrimis

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