Hot News: Vermin Womb puts debut EP up for pre-order and free download, stream it in full on Metalsucks

«Permanence», the debut 12″EP from Denver-based grind/sludge outfit VERMIN WOMB, is now up for pre-order and free download at Throatruiner Records. The record is due out September 1st on milky clear vinyl. Formed by Ethan Lee Mc Carthy (guitar/vocals inPrimitive Man and formerly of Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest FireDeath Of Self…), the band fills the hole left by CTTOAFF’s apocalyptic take on grind/death and sludge (same line-up, different drummer) in a darker, more metallic way. «Permanence»was recorded in April 2014 by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio (Primitive ManCobalt,Cephalic Carnage…).

Head over to Metalsucks for an exclusive full stream of the record:

Pre-order and download it for free here:

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VERMIN WOMB – Permanence EP


Hot News: Vermin Womb joins Throatruiner Records, stream two tracks from their debut 12″EP “Permanence”


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