Hot News: Vesperian Sorrow’s Stormwinds of Ages Out Now

April 24, 2012 was the day on which Stormwinds of Ages from Austin, TX’s epic extreme metal act VESPERIAN SORROW hit the earth like a meteorite.  Released in partnership with The Path Less Traveled Records, Stormwinds of Ages evokes the darkest depths of searing mortal tragedy juxtaposed with soaring heights of orchestrated, atmospheric melody against a blackened backdrop of neoclassical death metal brutality.  But is is VESPERIAN SORROW‘s undeniably passionate songwriting that has always them apart from the pack, a quality no more apparent than on Stormwinds of Ages.  As if that weren’t enough, the album also features guest appearances from Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys/Watchtower/Broken Teeth), Erika Tandy (Autumn Tears/Ignitor), Carl August Tidemann (Winds/Arcturus) and Jon Zig (Sarcolytic/Images of Violence)! This is VESPERIAN SORROW at its most futuristically medieval and neoclassically barbaric.

Check out a promotional video for Stormwinds of Ages here and stream the title track at this location.

Stormwinds of Ages Cover Art & Track Listing:

1. Sanguis Vitam Est
2. Stormwinds of Ages
3. An Empire to Mourn
4. Casting Down Into Shadow
5. Crown of Glass
6. Legacies Befallen
7. Eye of the Clocktower
8. Oracle from the Ashes
9. Relics of Impurity
10. Death She Cried
11. Of Opiates



In addition to two full-length albums – 1999’s Beyond the Cursed Eclipse and 2001’s Psychotic Sculpture – released by Holland’s Displeased Records and 2006’s self-released Regenesis Creation, VESPERIAN SORROW has been featured on four compilation albums as well, including Metal Blade’s Blackened V. Their fourth full-length offering is entitled Stormwinds of Ages and was recorded, mixed, and mastered out of their very own Amplitude Media Studios. Released on April 24, 2012, it continues to garner rave reviews from metal media worldwide.

Since their inception in 1998, VESPERIAN SORROW has toured throughout Europe and North America, playing shows and festivals in Germany, England, Canada, Mexico, and most of the United States. Carrying the Texas banner with pride, VESPERIAN SORROW are a band well-respected throughout the entire metal community with intentions of upholding that respect and continuing to earn it with a progressively darkening evolution of epic extreme metal.

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