Hot News: Vic records signed Grai, folk metal form Russia and Weapons To Hunt (Holland), featuring 4 Sinister members!

GRAI – O Zemle Rodnoy ( About Our Native Land) (VIC053CD) OUT 26 Nov!

PAGAN FOLK METAL FROM RUSSIA. Exclusive digipack plus bonus track

New sensational folk metal band. Excellent Russian folk / pagan metal from the eastern Russian Republic of Tatarstan. GRAI was formed in 2005 and was influenced by Skyforger, Korpiklaani, Cruachan, Svarga and Alkonost. GRAI performs epic folk metal with beautifull femal vocals and nice vocal harmonies. Authentic Russian instruments used such as Gaita Gallega, kalyuka and Jews Harp. Great production and coverart / booklet. Must-have for fans of Arkona and Alkonost!

TRACK LIST: 1. Pesn’ o Zemle Rodnoy (A Song about our Native Land) 2. Pshenychnaya ( The Wheat Song) 3. Zimnaya Skazka (A Winter Tale) 4. Vesna (Spring) 5. Sred’ lesov (In the Middle of the Forests) 6. Leshak (Leshak) 7 Uchody dalyoko, gore (Leave us, Sorrow) 8. Plach o dolyushke ( Lament about The Lot) 9. Voin hrabryi, Yasnyi Sokol (Brave Warrior) 10. Vstavay s kolen! (Get up From Your Knees!) 11. V obyatiyakh Mara (In the arms of Mara) exclusive bonus track.




Brand new, 1st full length by this Dutch old school death/Thrash metal act WEAPONS TO HUNT. Released three Brutal Death Metal releases under the name INFINITED HATE Hate and last year transformed into WEAPONS TO HUNT. This extreme Dutch metal band, featuring main man Adrie Kloosterwaard (SINISTER) on vocals packed up again with Ron van de Polder (original and founding member of SINISTER) and Paul Beltman (ex SINISTER, ex Supreme Pain) on guitar and drums. They invited Bas Brussaard (SINISTER, Fondlecorpse) to work along with them on lead guitars to complete this terrifying line up. They bring an intense death / thrash metal style on this new album that brings you back to the good old days of Solstice, Demolition Hammer…And of course SINISTERS mighty debut album ’Cross The Styx’ (needless to say, both debut albums are written by riff master Ron van de Polder!). Guest bass Erwin Harreman (ex Sinister, Supreme Pain).

Tracks list: 1. The Hell Room 2. Blessed In Sin 3. Corpse Field 4.The Smell of Victory 5. Bullets For The Assassin 6. Merciless Impact 7. False Positive System 8. Strike Face



PAGANIZER – Carve: Stillborn Revelations and Revel in Filth (VIC044CD) OUT 26 Nov!

CARVE was nothing more then a temporarily shape of PAGANIZER. When PAGANIZER was on hold for a brief period (2002), Rogga Johansson (vocals / guitars – also Ribspreader, The Grotesquery, Demiurg), Matte Fiebig (ex Paganizer, ex Ribspreader) and Andreas Karlsson (Paganizer / Another Life / Ribspreader), recorded 2 demos and 2 albums under the monicker Carve. And quickly returned to the name PAGANIZER. The album ‘Stillborn Revelations’ was recorded in 2002 at Necromorbus Studios with Tore Stjerna (Watain, Scar Symmetry, Desultory). Second album ‘Revel in Human Filth’ was released in 2004 and mastered by Dan Swano (Opeth, Bloodbath, Katatonia). Both album were released by an obscure Brasillian label and out of print for a decade. Now both albums are available on 1 disk, plus 3 exclusive bonus tracks, liner notes from Rogga and new artwork and booklet by Peter Sallai (Memory Garden, Bornholm).


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PAGANIZER – The Tower of the Morbid


Hot News: Grai sign deal with Noizgate Records


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Grai Interjú

ST. Toma

GRAI (ГРАЙ) – O Zemle Rodnoy (О Земле Родной)

ST. Toma

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