Hot News: Vic records signed Johansson & Speckmann!

Vic records signed JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN!

Pure old school death metal project featuring underground DM master Rogga Johansson on guitars and bass (PAGANIZER / RIBSPREADER, The Grotesquery) and true extreme metal legend Paul Speckmann on vocals (MASTER, DEATH STRIKE, ABOMINATION). This unique cooperation  resulted in 12 PURE OLD SCHOOL death metal tracks. This amazing debut album is called SULPHUR SKIES. Cover art and booklet are underground to the bone, black and white and as obscure as possible.  Drums and production by Norwegian drum wizard  Brynjar Helgetun (The Grotesquery, Ribspreader). Release date 10 June!

PROMO VIDEO:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYEG5iJPzhc

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Johansson-Speckmann/225899484206206

Unreleased MASTER debut album (1985!!) re-issue.

On December 31, 1984 Chicago based metal act MASTER signed with US metal label COMBAT (Death, Possessed) and soon afterwards started recording what should have been the band’s first full length album. Due to inseparable differences over the negotiations with Combat and mainly drummer Schmidt’s insecurities, the contract was torn up. The 1985 album recordings were tape-traded in the underground scene, serving as a heavy influence for many (later) important bands from the death, black and thrash metal scene. Exclusively for vic records new painted cover art by Richard Schouten (Achrostichon, Pentagram, Abomination). New designed booklet and liner notes  from Paul Speckmann and rare mid 80’s Master pictures. Out 10 June.

PROMO VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xMLtGRGy3k

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Master/18521536017?fref=ts

PHELEBOTOMIZED early works compilation out now!

Dutch  extreme metal act PHLEBOTOMIZED from the Rotterdam area was formed in 1989 as Bacterial Disease as a death / grindcore band  and changed their name to PHLEBOTOMIZED in 1990. They released 2 demos tapes, an e.p., a mini CD and 2 full length albums during 1991 – 1997. PHLEBOTOMIZED was known for their  dominant use of keyboards (not like The Gathering nor like Nocturnus, maybe somewhere in between) and their rather experimental and complex songs (still strongly embedded in death metal). During their last full length PHELEBOTOMIZED evolved into ‘Avant-garde Death/Doom Metal’.

This release ‘Devoted to God, Preach Eternal Gospels’ contains their second demo’ Devoted to God’ (1991) and their mini album ‘Preach Eternal Gospels’. Both were recorded at Het Pand (Lair of Golgotha, Threnody) and remastered by PHLEBOTOMIZED guitar player Tom Palms. As a bonus the album contains 3 live tracks. Covert artwork by Kristian Wahlin (Emperor, Dissection, Edge of Sanity).

Promo video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mehF5KpOZ8

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Phlebotomized/229029653797208

Former ASPHYX singer / bass players band SWAZAFIX

Swazafix featured Theo Loomans (R.I.P.) of Asphyx fame. Theo formed Swazfix after he left Asphyx. Theo was one of the very early (and very influential with his characteristic vocal style) members of Asphyx and sang and played (bass)guitar on the famous ‘Embrace the Death’ debut album (1989) and on the legendary ‘Crush The Cenotaph’ demo (1989) and the ‘Mutilating Process’ EP (1989). Together with drummer Bob Bagchus, Theo was the main composer for these old Asphyx songs. In 1996 Loomans and Bob Bagchus reformed Asphyx (after the split in 1995) and recorded the „God Cries” album. Around the same time also the „Embrace the Death” album was finally released. The band name Swazafix was taken from a Carnivore track. Swazafix played pure and raw death metal (needless to say similar to Asphyx where Theo wrote the song for aswell), inspired by old school bands such as Possessed, Slayer, Venom and Celtic Frost. Both demo ‘92 and promo ‘91 were recorded at Franky’s Recording Kitchen with Berthus Westerhuis (where all the early Asphyx releases were recorded). The old tapes are remastered and restored by producer / engineer Berthus Westerhuis, Fall 2012, 8 tracks in total. The album cover is designed by Ivan Bragin (Hearse, Paganizer, October Tide). The booklets contains rare pictures and liner notes from Bob Bagchus (Asphyx, Grand Supreme Blood Court), Berthus Westerhuis (Franky’s Recording Kitchen) and Eric Daniels (Grand Supreme Blood Court, ex-Asphyx).

PROMO VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLwvpHNoBQU

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Swazafix/102128039942052

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