Hot News: Victorians announce festival dates! Metal Female Voices Fest, Bram Stoker Festival & Castle Party!

Originating from Poland, 4-piece symphonic/gothic metal band Victorians after releasing highly acclaimed debut album “Revival” are going to play live on several festivals this year.

The band will appear on Castle Party Festival, biggest gothic/electronic/darkwave festiwal in middle-eastern Europe (this year headlined by Lacrimosa) – that will take place at Bolków Castle, Poland between 11th and 14th July 2013. Full line-up here: http://castleparty.com/

In October 18th Victorians will play Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium (headlined by Tarja Turunen – http://www.metalfemalevoicesfest.be) and week later – at 26th October – the band will join special concert at Bram Stoker International Film Festival at Whitby, England. (www.bramstokerfilmfestival.com)

“Revival” includes 10 songs packed with great melodies, perfect musicianship and enchanting female vocals delivered by Eydis .
The recordings took place in MP Studio, with the help of producer Mariusz Pietka, who worked previously with such artists as Sabaton, Pathfinder and Cristal Viper. VICTORIANS tracked down 10 unique compositions that will appeal to fans of Nightwish and Within Temptation. Katarzyna Niwińska was responsible for amazing photo shots. You can check more pictures taken during this session and full album preview here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm80ckZZvjs&feature=g-upl

“Revival” is being promoted with the single “In The End”, still available for streaming at Soundcloud – http://soundcloud.com/utis-aristocrat/in-the-end.

Full album “Revival” can be ordered via iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/revival/id567178111 or physically via band’s official store – www.victorians.pl/shop/revival-victorians-aristocrats-symphony-cd

You can check great media feedback and “Revival” reviews here: http://victorians.pl/revival-album-reviews/
Don’t forget to join the army of over 8000 fans on facebook – www.facebook.com/victorians.band !

Here’s the tracklist of “Revival”:
1. Descent of Your Destiny
2. In the End
3. Voice of Eternal Love
4. Who Never Loved
5. Siren
6. Servants of Beauty
7. Prince of Night
8. Don’t Let Them Cut My Wings
9. Juliet’s Tale
10. Creed

Gentle sounds of violin are only the prologue to the epic journey through sometimes dark, melancholic, gothic melodies to Victorians’ score that is a combination of symphonic orchestrations, semi-operatic vocals and tasty, metal riffs. Victorians believe that music, words, images can change both people’s lives and the disappointing world outside your walls.

Commented guitarist Utis: I’m very excited! The demo songs that you heard on the Internet were recorded in our victorian rehearsal room, so just imagine how they will sound recorded in a professional studio with the help of genius producer! Eydis with her operatic (and rock!) vocals and all these beautiful orchestrations. This will be a wonderful journey!

V. added: We are not going to perform a few songs! We are here as aristocrats of the spirit to lead you through the rite of servants of beauty! The world needs a revolution and we need your throats to shout it loud! It is our creed, it’s the key to the world where everything is possible when you are bold and open-minded. Our visuality that refers to that part of soul which wants to be aristocratic and our lyrics that are focused on immortality, beauty and love are only the invitation… will You enter?

Utis: Victorians is being created from the very beginning with higher consciousness. For many years we’ve co-created a variety of bands and other projects, so we’ve gained some experience and stage refinement. When I heard Eydis for the first time I knew that we must prepare something outstanding for her voice. I remember that my first thought was: Oh my god! she can compete with every female vocalist… See if I was right!

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Hot News: Victorians present debut album “Revival”! First song available online!


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