Hot News: Victory Records Welcomes Terror

Victory Records is proud to welcome TERROR to the Victory family. They will release their sixth studio album titled Live By The Code in April, 2013 in the US and Canada. Check out the Victory Records’ webstore for new merch designs- available now.

TERROR vocalist Scott Vogel comments, “When I was in high school, I would go to ‘Home of the Hits Records’ in Buffalo, NY and every week I would check for new Victory releases. Growing up, Victory Records always had the best hardcore bands, period. They had this awesome packaging and vibe that I loved. INTEGRITYSTRIFEBLOODLETEARTH CRISIS -it was a fucking amazing time for hardcore. Later, I met Tony when he came to Buffalo to see SNAPCASE. We stayed in contact and made plans for my second band DESPAIR, but soon after we broke up. Victory and my band BURIED ALIVE worked together for years. They also had HATEBREEDBLOOD FOR BLOODALL OUT WAR and REACH THE SKY, all bands I’ve always respected and held in the highest regard. This summer I hung out with Tony and we had a wild night in Chicago. We talked about the good and bad of hardcore today and just had a blast. No business talk, no nonsense. We were under contract at the time so there wasn’t even room for it. As we got ready to release Live By The CodeTERROR and Century Media debated on how to release the record right and VICTORY RECORDS seemed like the best fit. Tony and I are both insane. We both come from the same place. We both scratch and fight to stay afloat. We still believe in the essence of hardcore and still love WARZONE. This is pretty fucking exciting.”

Vogel claims Live By The Code “hits harder than Keepers Of The Faith”, calling it the “dirtiest, rawest and most hardcore record we’ve done since Lowest Of The Low”. While the album is set for an April, 2013 release date, fans can expect to pre-order their copy of the album soon along with other merch packages. A brand new music video for their album-titled single, “Live By The Code” is also on the horizon, so stay tuned.

TERROR will finish up January in Japan before returning to the states to begin a February tour with H20BACKTRACK and CODE ORANGE KIDS. They will then pack their bags once more and trek across Europe for the Rebellion Tour with MADBALL in March. “Terror are the biggest hardcore band in the world. I have known Scott for twenty years and he has remained true to what he believes in, cherishes and helps keep alive which is first and foremost- hardcore. If you are just discovering hardcore or have loved it since the movement started in the late 1970’s this album is for you,” said Victory founder Tony Brummel. See a full listing of tour dates here and stay tuned for updates here.

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