Hot News: Volkolak „Disappear” New Album aivable now on Crush The Desert!

Volkolak „Disappear”

New album recorded in 2010 and never product on CD !

9 titles (46mns) of Slavonic Pagan Folk in Volkolak pure’s tradition !

I. Churam
II. Viking
III. Tell Me, Ye Scarlet Dewscented Sunrises (Temnozor Cover)
IV. Kupala’s Rage
V. Among Dogs
VI. Red Hill
VII Raven, Wolf and Falcon
VIII. Glory to the Heroes of Valhalla Path
IX. Disappear

Promo video on youtube: http://youtu.be/eec9QVLcKzs

12 euros post paid via paypal to crushthedesert@hotmail.fr (don’t forget to send us your address).

More informations on www.crushthedesert.blogspot.com

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