Hot News: Vornth stream entirety of Iron Tyrant debut at Halifax Collect

Ultimate Heavy Metallers VORNTH stream the entirety of their self-titled debut album, recently released by Italian cult-metal stronghold IRON TYRANT, at tastemaking cultural journal Halifax Collect. With a history that stretches back to the dawn of the millennium as well their members’ deep roots in the underground, VORNTH at last deliver their debut album, simply titled Vornth. The 12-track, 57-minute monster is at once warmly familiar and distinctly refreshing. Far from a rote „retro” act, VORNTH cobble together all that was great about ’80s speed metal and thrash, as well as proto-black metal sounds, and proceed to unleash epic after headbanging, fist-pumping epic. There’s violence & force, for sure, but there’s also keen attention to nuance and dynamics here across Vornth, the quartet absolutely hysteric in their deliver yet locked-in and tighter than even the most tech-savvy metal bands. Cloaked in hellfire, choking on sulfur, yet mindful of the eternal, evil power of total HEAVY METAL, the coven of VORNTH recalls the likes of classic Razor, Destruction, Exciter, Kreator, and Sacrifice whilst sounding totally, eternally VORNTH. Hear for yourself exclusively HERE while reading an exhaustive interview with band, including a track-by-track analysis of Vornth.

Tracklisting for VORNTH’s Vornth

1. 2740°
2. Evil Blood
3. Rapid Death
4. Rip Rip Rip
5. Darkness and Steel
6. Spit Black Fire
7. Devil
8. Bleed
9. Metal Skies
10. Axemurder
11. Death’s Horse
12. Grave of the Living



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